Debugging in GGTS fails with: Error – your app path – does not appear to be part of a Grails application.


recently I worked on a Grails 2.4.x project in GGTS 3.6. After some coding, refactoring and reconfiguration, debugging stopped working with the following error message:

Error | /Users/jolo/Documents/workspace-ggts-3.6.0.M1/FeedHarvesterGPars does not appear to be part of a Grails application.

The following commands are supported outside of a project:

|Run 'grails help' for a complete list of available scripts.

The weird thing was, that grails run-app still worked, while only debugging wasn’t possible anymore.

In a first attempt, I did the standard routines, deleted the local caches (e.g. rm -rf .grails) and run the typical grails commands:

grails clean
grails compile
grails refresh-dependencies

With the result, that

grails run-app 

was still successful, but

grails run-app -debug-fork

failed again, with the error message above.

With that kind of error message, it is almost impossible to track down the root cause. Especially when grails run-app works, and grails run-app -debug does not. These are the moments I dislike GGTS/Grails and all of its magic.

After I lost a reasonable amount of my precious time with guessing what the heck is going on, the problem was caused by a pull of the project from the local GGTS repository to a new local git repository!

To solve the issue, do in GGTS:

  1. choose Run -> Debug Configurations
  2. search the Grails section,
  3. mark the corresponding configuration and
  4. delete it with a right mouse click.

So be warned, if you move your project to a local git repository!


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