How to Solve the “GrailsProcessDiedException” in Grails/Groovy Tool Suite GGTS 3.4.0

I just installed the actual Groovy Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.4.0 on my OSX 10.9.1 with Java 7.

As I tried to create a simple Grails project by

File -> New -> Grails Project,

the command terminated with the following exception:

Command terminated with an exception: org.grails.ide.eclipse.longrunning.client.GrailsProcessDiedException: Grails process died (see details for partial output)
Grails process died

The same exception was thrown as I wanted to use an imported Grails project. Also with the newest GGTS 3.5.0.M1 I end up with this exception.

Others reported similar issues, if behind a proxy. But I am not behind a proxy so there must be another configuration issue.

I remember that I encountered this problem firstly with GGTS 3.2.0 and solved it with the following workaround:

Preferences -> Groovy -> Grails -> Launch Grails

and uncheck “Keep external Grails running“.

The workaround was suggested by and the issue is marked as solved, but obviously it still exists at least in GGTS 3.4.0 and GGTS 3.5.0.M1.

Nevertheless, while using the suggested workaround (uncheck “Keep external Grails running“) the GrailsProcessDiedException disappeared and the problem was solved.


Update: The same behavior is found in GGTS 3.6.0 M1, GGTS 3.6.4

HTH Johannes

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2 Responses to How to Solve the “GrailsProcessDiedException” in Grails/Groovy Tool Suite GGTS 3.4.0

  1. Thanks, works perfectly.

  2. Not working for me on GGTS 3.6.4

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