ElasticSearch Plugin, Grails 2.3.0 and Hibernate 4.x

If you want to use the Elasticsearch plugin with Grails 2.3.0 and Hibernate 4.x as I do, be warned.

AFAIK, the Elasticsearch plugin depends on Hibernate 3 and Hibernate 4.x is not backwards compatible.

I tried even the newest Elasticsearch plugin snapshots:


but ended up with a lot of compile time errors from AuditEventListener.groovy.

 void onPostDelete(PostDeleteEvent event) {
172: unable to resolve class org.hibernate.event.DeleteEvent

void onDelete(DeleteEvent deleteEvent, Set set) {
176: unable to resolve class org.hibernate.event.FlushEvent
24 errors

Unfortunately, it seems that your are out of luck, if you need Hibernate 4.x  and want to use the Elasticsearch plugin.

Hope this helps to save you some time.


Meanwhile I found a solution to overcome this problems and get the ElastiScearch plugin working with Hibernate 4.x. See my other post.

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